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edje min size calc is broken with TEXT part and scale factor != 1
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When using Enlightenment connman gadget, the dialog for entering the password is broken when scale != 1. The same apply on elementary_test animation.

cedric created this task.Jan 9 2018, 11:46 AM

Regarding elementary_test "efl.animation.alpha" (btw it's not elementary_test -to animation): The button isn't packed in a container. It's set to absolute size and position. So nothing to fix here other than the test itself.
I will try to reproduce your password issue.

Actually, I see that connman password is now completely broken, even with scale=1 (not by me; seems to be recent).

Recent findings:

  • As noted, the wireless module authentication popup is broken, regardless the scale factor (even =1).
  • Issue is apparent for efl v1.20.6 and efl v1.19.2 and enlightenment v0.22.1
  • Commenting out elm_popup_scrollable_set(popup, EINA_TRUE); in wireless_authenticate@src/modules/wireless/wireless.c makes the problem go away

Also note that bisecting is almost impossible for me at this point, making false-positives as there are many points of breakage in master due to messing and fixing and re-fixing with popup and other containers of elementary.
No real culprit commit here, at least from I can gather.

I believe that the issue might have arisen from bad scrollable behavior of popup.

So might be a scroller issue actually.

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Isnt this a dup of T6886 ?

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Seems to be a duplicate, we can reopen if we discover specific issues with scaling and calc size.