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serious website navigation issues
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Things that I was unable to find on

  • links to the bug tracker
  • links to documentation on submitting bugs
  • links to documentation for debugging


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Its all linked from the menu in any Contribute page -

It has never been on the home page to my knowledge and the previous home was which does not seem a huge amount more visible.
I did include a link from /docs/ to /contribute/ - but that could more prominently feature information on reporting bugs.

What do you think the main "workflow" should be for someone landing on the site and deciding they want to report a bug?

p.s. would this not be better described as "navigation" rather than "accessibility" issues

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I'm not saying it used to be easier, but I just went to try and find the page so I could link it today and I couldn't find it. Ideally I think "help" pages should be accessible from a single click on the main site, otherwise users are just going to google and probably find old/unusable links.

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I have been wanting to do a major revamp of the site for some time now. What would be a good place to put a proposal up for discussion?

zmike added a comment.Jun 14 2018, 9:41 AM

Here is probably fine