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The unusablility of the screen dialog
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My situation:

2 Monitors
1 Beamer

List of fuck ups:

  1. Initial situation, all screens & beamer are turned on, i turn of the beamer i click apply, and BOOOM resolution of screen 1 and 2 are fucked up screen 1 is turned off, and the beamer remains on ... YEAH!
  2. I just select one random screen in the dialog, after that i cannot select or click anything in that hoverselector!
  3. I configure screen two to be left of screen 1 i click apply, and ... it clones screen 1, because screen one is set to clone, why not just mirror the changes of one monitor to the other?
bu5hm4n created this task.Jan 21 2018, 12:27 AM

totally agree - the dialog needs to be made to be more fool-proof. it is NOT meant to be easy to use. i did this dialog assuming all config dialogs were going to be redone, so i did something purely functional ala xrandr cmdline.

there needs to be a general "redo of config". i am not sure for example screen setup should be different to wallpaper and virtual desktop config. it's really all screen config and should be rolled into one for example. :) i agree things need to be better. it involves standing back and looking at the big picture and redesigning given our current functionality... :)

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maybe @devilhorns wayland patches will solve this - on wayland.

a man can dream. :D