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hoversels broke after this commit
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a92186be6ab7ba6b8ba0b2bedeaec51dcb4a3898 seems to have broken hoversels. specifically click the hoversel, dismiss it then click again. any clicks after the first click+disable for THAT hoversel no longer work. i've been reading the commit diff and nothing jumps out at me as obviously causing this. this is odd. but the commit log seems to not cover every change made ... so it' smells a little fishy.

P.S. I bisected to this commit to find this.

raster created this task.Jan 21 2018, 12:49 AM

nb. it's not the ecore_input_evas changes... (reverted just those)... hmmm.

ok. found it. the changes to efl_ui_layout.c. now what inside there...

let me know if i broke something bad... but those few lines are what broke hoversel

jpeg added a comment.Jan 22 2018, 2:23 AM

Thanks for the fix.

i didn't re-break anything you fixed? just wondering... :/ :)

jpeg added a comment.Jan 22 2018, 8:40 PM

it was just warnings anyway. but no, i didn't see more pop up after your patch

cool. i won't worry then. just was worried. :)