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The elm_access_object_register in Interface World
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I sent a mail as below, but I cannot find this mail in
So I am creating a task here :-P

Dear All, Hello.

We have an API which name is elm_access_object_register getting 2 parameters. One is a target object, and the other is a parent object.
We can use a rectangle object for the target object, and layout(elm_widget) object as well.
Moreover a part object of elm_layout could be used as a target object.
In this API, we are creating elm_access object, and its geometry follows the geometry of the target object using RESIZE, MOVE callback.
And the parent of elm_access object is the second parameter.
This API should be available on the Interface World IMO to make unaccessible object accessible, but I am not sure how it is possible to make it work. So please let me know your opinion, and enlighten me again.
Thank you in advance.

Shinwoo Kim.

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