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in-tree binaries do not run using in-tree libraries during build
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  1. revert rEFLbd5174b6003506b7c8aae3a58d7e83d931188dca
  2. configure and build --with-profile=debug
  3. install
  4. configure and build --with-profile=dev
  5. still get tons of DDD stringshare debug messages from installed libraries during build
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Note that tests actually do use in-tree libraries during make check, but no other binaries do.

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I think this is currently not easily solvable using autotools. Perhaps setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH at the points when executables are being run would do the thing, but I'd say this is something to be addressed with switching to Meson.

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The issue here was that efreetd was not being correctly launched from the in-tree wrapper script.

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