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allow enum/class/struct renaming
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<q66> i.e. so you can do like: enum Foo.Bar { eo_name: Bar_Baz; .... } and then it'd generate typedef enum _Bar_Baz { BAR_BAZ_MEMBER_1, BAR_BAZ_MEMBER_2, ... } Bar_Baz;
<q66> the members would still follow an "auto" prefix, but that one would be the specified name rather than the namespaced name
<q66> this would be similar to eo_prefix for classes

This should actually provide something like a 'c_name' keyword which allows for the processing of a class as though it had the specified name. For example, Efl.Canvas.Animation would have c_name: Efl.Animation; which would cause it to output, e.g., the struct as Efl_Animation, the class as EFL_ANIMATION_CLASS.

zmike created this task.Feb 21 2018, 11:06 AM
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test with Efl_Canvas_Animation_Repeat_Mode -> Efl_Animation_Repeat_Mode

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Similarly Efl.Canvas.Gesture -> c_name: Efl.Gesture;

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@q66 @zmike

I'm wondering the goal of this task.
Is this task to manage commits something like ?

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I am wondering, how does this new @c_name tag relate to the already-existing c_prefix keyword?
Is it meant to replace it?
What happens if a class has both tags?