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autohide gadget bar and smart placement issue
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i have a gadget bar on top.
in "Window geometry " settings, "smart expansion" is enabled
firefox is maximized and "stops" at the button of the top gadget bar
so far all is fine

i set the top gadget bar to "auto hide".
if bar hides, firefox expands automatically to the screen top. also fine

now the problem:
if i disable "auto hide" and unmaximize/maximize firefox again. firefox still expands to the screen top edge under the gadget bar and not to the button of the gadget bar.
restarting e, doesn't help for the first time.

after the first restart, the gadget bar still is set to "auto hide" (does not save the "auto hide" checkbox),
a second restart, after click "auto hide" again, helps and firefox
stops expanding at the button of the gadget bar. how it should after disabling "auto hide" the first time.

the "resist obstacles" also does not work after enable/disable "auto hide". i have to restart e to get it working again.

tested with latest git of e and efl

Greetings Simon