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System actions don't work on FreeBSD
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EFL and Enlightenment from Git on FreeBSD 11.1.
This is not a new problem, it appeared some updates ago (and it was correctly working before).
Only two buttons are active - 'Log Out' and 'Lock'.
/usr/local/lib/enlightenment/utils/enlightenment_sys are owned by root, UID bit is set.
/usr/local/etc/enlightenment/sysactions.conf has 'user: * allow: *' line, all actions are correctly defined.

ok i know how to fix this, need to speak with someone to make sure it's the right fix....trivial really,

Okay that above commit was wrong.


meson -Dsystemd=false -Ddevice-udev=false --sysconfdir=/usr/local/etc

The last Git version of Enlightenment has no problem with sysactions if I force sysconfdir as mentioned, configuring meson build.
However, it seems strange for me that for FreeBSD build we need to force using /usr/local/etc as sysconfdir. I think that it should be detected automatically by meson somehow as /usr/local/etc is default configuration directory for all non-base software.

@Peter2121 Maybe you could take a look into that?

I need more info about meson. What file describes how should meson set paths?
I'll try to search myself, but it is really difficult for me, some months ago I even did not know that this build system exists...