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Exec-keys in some .desktop files are failing to be recognized by Enlightenment
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Hi there! This is my first issue here, so please be patient that I have not that much knowledge and skills right now.

The problem I want to report came up when I installed a package from Arch Linux AUR called "jetbrains-mps". I installed this software, but I was wondering why there is not a menu entry showing up for it. So I figured out, how to create my own entry and filed this to the AUR package maintainer. The package maintainer then was confused and stated to me, that there is already such a .desktop-file in /usr/share/applications/jetbrains-mps.desktop and what is wrong with it.

So I took a look into that file and found out, that the Exec-line is written there as:

Exec="/bin/mps" %f

when changing this into

Exec=/bin/mps %f

Enlightenment immediatelly recognized the desktop-file and it showed up correctly in the menu. So I think there seems to be a problem with the .desktop-file parser Enlightenment (or EFL?) is using. In my opinion, this can be seen as a problem from that package, but it seems that any other desktop environments eat it anyway and maybe its only a tiny fix that has to be done to E to get entirely rid of this and make it working in any ways. There are not much cases where the Exec-line is stated this way, but it sometimes happens.

In the AUR comments on the package (you can see at, I told to report this issue to the upstream, so this is done here now.
Please keep up the good work on Enlightenment, I use it since several years now and like it really much.

So long,

Edit: I tested it last with Enlightenment 0.22.2-2 (Arch Linux community package)

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fixed. in e git master anyway