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evas_suite fails due to textblock assertion
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I'm getting the following failure:
tests/evas/evas_test_texblock.c:2196:F:Object Textblock:evas_textblock_wrapping:0: Assertion 'w == 32' failed: w == 43, 32 == 32

this happens most times I run make check, but occasionally it passes.

ManMower created this task.Jun 5 2018, 9:28 AM

I will investigate this tomorrow.
Is this something recent, or has been like that for a while?

I don't really know. :(

I haven't run the test suite in a while.

OK. As I wasn't able to reproduce this, may I ask for your build options ("configure" flags).
I tried disabling harfbuzz, but tests still pass.

--prefix=/usr --enable-drm --enable-gl-drm --enable-wayland --enable-systemd --enable-egl --with-opengl=es --enable-elput --disable-nls --disable-cxx-bindings --disable-doc

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I got this randomly yesterday as well, but only once.

zmike added a comment.Jun 19 2018, 2:19 PM

Okay, now I get it >50% of the time. Should be pretty easy to trigger with something like while true; do rm -f tests/evas/evas_suite.log; make tests/evas/evas_suite.log || break;done from efl/src/.

zmike added a project: Restricted Project.Jun 20 2018, 8:50 AM

Nothing here ATM.
I am running the equivalent:

while true; do ./tests/evas/evas_suite "Object Textblock" || break; done