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Clouseau Seems to Not Work and Needs Documentation As Well
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There doesn't seem to be any documentation explaining how to use Clouseau, and the method of using Clouseau seems to have changed drastically from just running clouseau "appname" selecting the app and going through the layout. I *think* I figured out that I have to start an efl_debugd daemon, then run clouseau_client in local mode and I can select apps that are running... however... anytime I select an app I just get an endless spinning progressbar to infinity. It is possible I am doing something wrong, but there again the complete lack of documentation would be the cause, especially within an app that seeming has a lot of requirements to make it work right, a readme in the source would be at the least a must have for users. So whether it is broken or whether I am not using it right, it needs to be documented and/or fixed.

JackDanielZ added a subscriber: JackDanielZ.

Hi Stephen,

I wrote a wiki a long time ago ( that I need to, for an unknown reason, is not well formated.
You need to enable Clouseau debug in elementary config. I will remove this because it just seems stupid now that, if you run the daemon, it is evident you want the apps to connect to.
Anyway, thank you for your right inputs, documentation should have been done. Even the infinite loop should be finite. Sorry for that.
I should be able to do it next week.