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Signals sent with emit from edje theme for button widget don't arrive at callback function anymore
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Since commit cb25699dacde420a0e0c3434065ab8dac242ee6e

emitted siganls form an adje themed button no longer arrive at an associated callback function.
A demo program button_signal.c and example edje file mulbmin.edj can be found here:

The signals in mulbmin.edc look like this:

      emit("igj", "butt8a");
      set_state(PART:"stick", "nubi", 0.0);

and are connected to a button widget like this:

elm_theme_extension_add(NULL, "./mulbmin.edj");
btn_mul = elm_button_add(win);
elm_object_style_set(btn_mul, "mulbutt");
elm_object_signal_callback_add(btn_mul, "igi", "*butt*",  btn_mul_down_fun, NULL);
elm_object_signal_callback_add(btn_mul, "igj", "*butt*",  btn_mul_up_fun, NULL);

And a callback looks like

static void btn_mul_down_fun(void *data, Evas_Object *obj, const char *emission, const char *source)
   int val = 0;
   sscanf(source, "butt%x", &val);
   fprintf(stdout, "Yis Mul Down from %s [%i]\n", source, val);

Until commit f6ba674cd8ada4e018fd205dab2e877e9a19a820 this worked: When the button 'STICK' was clicked
output on the terminal would be like

Yis Mul Up from butt8a [138]
Yis Mul Down from butt8a [138]
Yis Mul Up from butt8a [138]
Yis Mul Down from butt8a [138]

But since cb25699dacde420a0e0c3434065ab8dac242ee6e this doesn't work anymore.

In contrast, signals sent from a slider widget themed with slider2.edj (the arrow at the bottom of the demo program) arrive at their callbacks. This edje file doesn't use the emit function, though.