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evas_vg_batman example doesn't run under weston
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For some mysterious reason this is creating a 0x0 dmabuf buffer before xdg negotation even takes place.

ManMower created this task.Jun 27 2018, 1:37 PM
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@devilhorns as our remaining wayland expert could you please check on this? Reproduce this with latest efl and weston and see if you can find a fix?

@stefan_schmidt Yes, I am actively looking into this. Apologies for missing your message on the 13th, but for some odd reason, I did not get a Phab email about it :(

@stefan_schmidt I tested this with everything updated this morning. It works just fine when using software rendering, however when I try to test with gl rendering, nothing works .... not even elementary_test :( so I am unsure what to do here.

It could be that a system update broke gl rendering on my box, or it could be that efl master is screwed up as far as GL goes.

As such, I cannot test this using GL currently, but it works fine with software rendering

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