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ci should use ccache
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This should be possible to do?

zmike created this task.Jul 10 2018, 12:38 PM
zmike triaged this task as TODO priority.
zmike added a comment.Jul 11 2018, 3:30 PM

Okay, I have this working now on all builds. Needs some extra hacks currently to install ccache since I can't modify docker images, but they can be removed easily.

Before: (28 mins)
After: (12 mins)

A maybe we should give a heads up of what is actaully happening where:

Dockerfile hosting

There are the Dockerfiles hosted.

Docker Image building

The images are then build on docker hub. The build is executed automatically every time someone pushes to the github repository.

CI on travis

The CI on travis simply fetches the images from docker hub, and thus always the most recent images.