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e22 beta screenshot displays black rectangle
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The screenshot module in E is sometimes displaying only a black rectangle.

Others are reporting the same issue.

It's occurring here seemingly at "random".

netstar created this task.Jul 17 2018, 3:15 AM
netstar triaged this task as Showstopper Issues priority.

This also occurs on the current stable release.
Of particular note is that if you try again after seeing the black rectangle E can freeze :(

Hey Andy I think the second part there has been resolved in current codebase (the freeze)...

Are you able to reliably trigger this behaviour??? I can't seem to trigger it intentionally :/ any thoughts?

You're right the freeze is fixed, just the black rectangle remains

@ManMower there was some other ticket about that. Can you merge this in or do remove the dups ?

I think I closed that ticket and referenced this new one?

Right, the other ticket was resolved, the black rectangle thing never really belonged there.

This is still a thing, and I've been able to reproduce it reliably.

Hi @ManMower wondered how you were able to reliably reproduce this one? Also, where would you guess to be looking???

I run as a wayland compositor and use sw rendering. the screenshot is blank quite frequently.

I think I've figured out what this is:
async render must be in use.

An async render begins
while render is in progress, enlightenment adds a snapshot object
enlightenment calls manual_render(), which NOPs out because there's render in progress
render completes, fires render_post
enlightenment assumes the snapshot object was written to

the snapshot was never in an active render though, because the render before it existed is the one that completed.