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ecore_main_loop_iterate blocks when resizing a macOS window
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I don't see this behaviour on Linux or Windows so I can't track down what's causing it - or if there is a bug.

Somehow elm apps continue to resize correctly despite this behaviour..?

I get the same behaviour if I call ecore_main_loop_iterate_may_block(EINA_FALSE) which is even stranger...

@zmike pointed to a workaround in src/lib/ecore_cocoa/ecore_cocoa_window.m (line 121) whereby an additional timer makes direct calls to ecore_main_loop_iterate due to the NSRunLoop having blocked.

Within that block the call to ecore_main_loop_iterate does not block, but under the same circumstances called externally it does...

Most peculiar

zmike triaged this task as High priority.Jul 30 2018, 1:18 PM
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