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new widget ideas
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  • <Picture + Text + Hyperlink> (Pinterest, Flipboard) style cards. (Card widget?)

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zmike created this task.Jul 23 2018, 9:25 AM
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raster added a subscriber: raster.Jul 24 2018, 9:55 PM

is this not just a button with the label below the icon and maybe a different style/look? i'd say just provide a button style for this.

btw, in the past 2 years I'm doing a lot of React-Native development and although they export a platform-native Button, it's rarely used in real projects, which goes with TouchableOpacity and other basic forms.

To me, coming from "widget set world" it looked a bit crazy, but at the end to cope with UX designers it was orders of magnitude easier than EFL (which is already easier than QT/GTK). Basically all they provide is a variant of what Edje does (with less features for images -- ie: no border properties -- and with more features for rectangle -- ie: border styles, rounded corners), some scroll components (scroll view, flat list -- genlist with all items being the same -- and section list -- genlist with sections and each with its own kind of item). It's scary at first, but at the end it's quite powerful and fast to develop apps.

For the "non-UX design" world, what people do is to provide some canned elements on top, such as Material design.

So at the end, not sure if adding lots and lots of widgets is the way to go... or maybe move some of what's inside Elementary to Evas/Edje (ie: the scroll bits) and turn Elementary more into "one widget set", which could have a sibling such as Material Design for EFL.

zmike added a comment.Jul 25 2018, 9:09 AM

This (and other related tickets) are just imported from the old EFL 2.0 wiki page and were likely created 3-4+ years ago. They may or may not be good ideas, I've just added them as tickets to preserve the discussion history.