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Building rage with meson throws warning when running ninja
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Hi All,

I am getting the following warning when running ninja on rage

edje_cc: Warning. This EDC file was designed for EFL 1.18. Until 1.19, EFL used an invalid calculation mechanism for textblock parts, where the value of text min/max was not properly taken into account. You might want to consider adding "efl_version: 1 21;" in your EDC file (before the "collections" block), and then check the sizing for all textblock parts that specify text min/max values (the bool defined as description.text.{min,max}).

is this something that is currently in the pipe line in terms of a fix? if not what can I do to fix it?

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eagles051387 added a project: Terminology.

I think it will remain. I'm guessing here for backwards compatibility with older version of EFL. When or if 1.21 becomes the base version I think this warning can be made to go away?

Wouldnt it be better to mention something in that warning message that this is for backwards compatability?