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efl_selection_manager: implement full clipboard support
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So, Windows and MacOS selection is lacking.

Ideally would like to have equal functionality with cocoa MacOS engine as with wayland and X11.

Adding @vtorri in the hope he might be able to look into the Windows side to this.

netstar created this task.Jul 28 2018, 5:29 AM
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i've already implemented the clipboard support. Maybe change in the infra has removed it


It''s possible it's changed. I'm not sure are you able to test the clipboard on Windows with the current EFL?

If it is not working, maybe it's quite easy to fix again. MacOS needed some basic modifications to get working again.

If that is the case perhaps this might help

that will certainly help, thank you

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i guess this one should be closed, no ?

bu5hm4n closed this task as Resolved.Mar 30 2020, 3:03 AM
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Hey hey hey! nice find! yeah that is now implemented :)