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C# Bindings automated TC
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This task is to generate and report issues on automated TC for C# bindings.

In efl branch devs/felipealmeida/automatedtests, "make check" generates automated TC for C# bindings.

In efl/src/tests/automated/ directory, automated cs files are generated.

  • efl_suite_automated.cs
  • edje_suite_automated.cs
  • ecore_suite_automated.cs
  • elementary_suite_automated.cs
  • eo_suite_automated.cs

For now, all methods in eo file become automated TC.

In contrast, all implements in eo do not become automated TC.

Need to consider supporting all implements or some implements manually or none of implements in eo file.

Hello @felipealmeida

Could you consider that automated TC supports all implements or some implements manually in eo file?

Shouldn't every single method for a class be generated? Including from all interfaces and bases?
That should include implements and not implements as well.

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woohyun added a comment.EditedSep 18 2018, 7:09 PM

We only need to include the methods which are "implemented" by the specific class.
That is, we don't need to include the method "not implemented".

Could you share the schedule for this work ?
I cannot get any update in "devs/felipealmeida/automatedtests" branch.

@woohyun Since the TCT for Tizen is higher priority, we're working on that specifically. Which is doing just "implements" and methods defined in the actual class. by default.

You can check those at and with efl branch devs/felipealmeida/tct



Could you explain how to check the results for automated test cases In devs/felipealmeida/tct ?

I got errors with "make check" in that branch now.


I fixed the automated generation tests in devs/larrylira/testgen
'make check-build' works fine but in 'make check' some automated tests fail because needs customize some tests
you can see more about how to customize tests generation in src/scripts/testgen/


I think customizing for Tizen could be discussed privately.
Except that, what are left for this task ?

Could you make a list of work items which should be done more ?

ping ? Could you check above question ?