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EO: Support elm_theme APIs
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Now eo does not fully support legacy elm_theme APIs.
There is no class or interface related to theme.

It seems that we need to think about whether we support elm_theme APIs by eo or not and how.
The candidates are all EAPI APIs in elm_theme.h which control and apply theme.

Here is some elm_theme APIs which are not supported by eo and look more important than others.

  • elm_theme_extension_add
  • elm_theme_extension_del
  • elm_theme_overlay_add
  • elm_theme_overlay_del
  • elm_theme_new
  • elm_theme_free
  • elm_theme_ref_set

Please give your thoughts and opinions.

  • Which APIs should be supported by eo and how to support? (e.g. class Efl.Ui.Win provides properties or new class Efl.Theme_Global is required.)


What do you think about introducing Efl.Ui.Theme for elm_theme APIs?

The class name can be either Efl.Ui.Theme or Efl.Theme_Global.

Yeah, I was surprised these APIs were missing when trying to write a widget customization tutorial.

Theming only affects Elementary, right? In that case, I think the proper place is Efl.Ui.Theme.