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Evas/Edje animations not in sync
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A new strange issue in stable 1.21 (and git): animated objects tend to move more slow than their containing object. Causing a visible "delay" in the animations and causing the objects to be misplaced while animating.

There are lots of places where this is visible, fe in elementary_test -to "extbutton" (click buttons to trigger the animation and see the icon animating "slower" than the button). Or in elementary_test -to "genlist" (scroll down the list slowly to see the icons ot the left misplaced while animating the scroll)

DaveMDS created this task.Sep 1 2018, 10:26 PM
DaveMDS triaged this task as High priority.

here a screenshot of the issue:

As you can see the home icon in the squared button is out of place while animating

@ManMower could this be related to your recent animator changes ?

@devilhorns: This issue is present in stable efl since the first day of the 1.21 release, cannot be related to the recent animator changes

@DaveMDS Ok, good to know :) It was just a thought

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oh that is weird... and bad.... this doesnt seem like animation and more like swallows are not following the parent correctly... at least when i resize....

it is when the window resizes right that you are talking about?

ah, yes, the issue is visible also resizing the window, It's the first time I try to resize the window.
The bug is also visible when you press one of the button to perform the animation, so I don't
think thi is related to window resize. Seems more like swallows are not in sync.

This is also visible in all genlists icons, the bigger the icon the more visible the "delay".
fe: elementary_test -to "Icon Standard", select a big size (like 64) and slowly
scroll the list.

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