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efl-mono: Implement Remove() method in eina.List, eina.Array and eina.Value
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eina.List, eina.Array and eina.Value (for container types) are missing the Remove() method so elements cannot be removed.

segfaultxavi triaged this task as Wishlist priority.
felipealmeida added a subscriber: lauromoura.
lucas added a subscriber: lucas.Feb 7 2020, 12:53 PM

What is the desired behavior:
Should the return be a bool or the removed element?
This method is expected to remove a position or a specific element?

Let's look at what we have in Eina.

  • eina_array does not have a Remove method (only a remove method that works like a filter).
  • eina_list removes a specific element and returns the resulting list (which you probably don't need to do in C#) or NULL.
  • eina_value removes a specific position and returns a boolean.

So, given that we should not be reinventing Eina in C# (because C# already has all this functionality) and the lack of coherence in the Eina API, I'd say you should do whatever feels more "natural" in C#.
Feel free to make a proposal here and let's discuss it.

lucas added a comment.Feb 10 2020, 6:35 AM

I think the most natural in c# would be like in IList format:

  • Remove: remove a specific element and return a boolean
  • RemoveAt: remove by index and without return.

Looking at src/list/eina/eina_{list,array}.h, src/list/eina/eina_inline_{list,array}.h,
src/list/eina/eina_in{list,array}.h and src/list/eina/eina_value.h we already have native functions at
eina_value.h to implemente a Remove for lists and arrays.
For a RemoveAt for arrays we can use the eina_inarray_ramove_at at eina_inarray_h.
For a RemoveAt for list I think we can use the eina_list_nth at eina_list.h to get at the index and remove it.
So I think we can implement both removes that IList does, but I have no idea on which one is better for us.
A Remove would be easier to do.