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Shelf Disappears when changing desktops on other screen
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I have a dual screen setup. When changing desktops on one screen the shelf disappears on the other. this behavior is reproducible and very annoying. See the link for a video of the behavior.

bmarkley created this task.Oct 4 2018, 11:10 PM
ProhtMeyhet closed this task as Resolved.Dec 4 2018, 3:17 PM
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this was fixed in enlightenment in 2013 with T485 commit 8ad5e3db391df1cc98051d2f94877245a0b2ca27

you are using moksha, a fork of enlightenment 17. i have taken the liberty to ask the bodhi developers to pull the corresponding commit into moksha. please find the issue on the moksha bugreporting page on github:

Added this commit to Moksha in my branch ylee. Will be merged into master for our next release. Only commenting this info since ProhtMeyhet mentions it above,