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Reference for using the 'icon-terminology' image
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I have used the icon-terminology.png image together with the GRASS GIS logo image to create an avatar for tygrass (a mini tutorial on how to use tycat to display maps in a GRASS GIS command line session) and for d.tyraster (a GRASS GIS addon to display raster maps inside a GRASS GIS command line session) too.

Do I need to indicate in clear text that I copied the image from the webpage?

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billiob added a subscriber: raster.Oct 24 2018, 5:55 AM

It's great!!
Raster designed that image. I'll let him answer.

the license is BSD so technically you need to include a BSD license indicator somewhere (the COPYING file). but when used on a web page like you do (well a gilab repo but it's really a web document...) i think would class as fair use. the about page doesn't reproduce the license as it is directly about the software so that i would say is reasonable. what you do seems reasonable too thus - go for it. keep doing what you do :)

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@raster Is there actually a higher resolution available? If yes, would you share it?