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Find a better name for Efl.Factory.model_connect
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Efl.Ui.Factory.model_connect is found confusing as it take no model in parameter. Earlier name was connect, but after refactoring, this clash with inheritance of connect from Efl.Ui.Model.connect. Any suggestion for a better name ?

cedric created this task.Nov 16 2018, 10:35 AM
cedric triaged this task as TODO priority.

Maybe use linking instead of connect. And drop model altogether?

property_link ?

connect -> property_link 
factory_connect -> factory_link

Is that your proposal ? I am fine with it.

factory_link? or factory_property_link?
I'm also find with that.

or we could use binding, like property_binding

So we also have :

connect > property_link
factory_connect -> factory_property_link

And :

connect -> property_binding
factory_connect -> factory_binding

I think I will create a poll for this to get feedback more efficiently.

Done in V40 .

I really think:

property_bind and factory_property_bind are most descriptive.

Seeing the connect proposal although short, it's confusing.

so we go

if you agreed I'll update this.

Ok, let's go with property_bind and factory_bind. Will do a patch later today.

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