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_create_locale and _free_locale undefined on Windows
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these 2 functions are undef hence compilation fails

include locale.h on Windows (in the #ifdef _WIN32 of Evil at the top)
but the link is the problem : these functions do not exist in msvcrt.dll, against which mingw-w64 links. you must add -lmsvcr100 but the DLL is not always installed.

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I am not that sure, why I am assigned to this ... I am not the original author of that patch. I got quite a lot of things to do, not sure when I would get to this :)

vtorri added a comment.Dec 6 2018, 2:14 PM

you reverted the revert so you knew what you were doing.
otherwise, don't revert

this ticket can be closed since D7926 is appplied

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