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"Digital Clock Gadget" date row is not shown with Flat theme
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The "date row" of the digital clock gadget is not show, with the latest flat theme, if selected in the settings.
The "time" is replaced correctly, but no date is shown.

See the gadget at top
Greetings Simon

shelf or bryce/gadget bar?

i enabled date here and it displays for me... (it was in white - i fixed the color now to match)

It is placed in a Gadget bar

aaah ok. i don't have one of those set up... i'll see. shelf seems fine though

yes, shelf looks fine.
thanks for looking at it.

it looks like the toggle buttons are broken. i can click the "mode" button, but nothing happens.
Closing and open the settings again and the settings for"advanced mode" are shown.

Same for "seconds" and "24h" button.
Change the other settings will update the settings dialog.

Greetings Simon