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C#: Create interface-aware inherited C# classes (with reflection help)
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Currently, when you create a C# class inheriting from an Eo class, the binding generates a new Eo class on the fly with efl_class_new, but only the base class is passed to Eo. Any extra Eo interfaces declared in the C# class is lost.

The idea is to use C# reflection to get these interfaces and pass them to Eo. Vitor started this work but there are still items to be dealt with, like changing the generated Eo classes to allow multiple inherited C# classes instead of a singleton. (Currently a single Eo class is reused per generated class).

lauromoura triaged this task as High priority.
zmike moved this task from Backlog to Lauro on the efl: mvvm board.

Please review branch devs/felipealmeida/interface_inherit

This gets fixed with D7634, D7635, D7636