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Terminology crashes randomly on exit
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Terminology crashes randomly when it is closed. I've noticed this on Wayland, not on X11. I'm not sure if the problem is related to Wayland or not.

The initial error message is:
Error Signal Information:
terminology was interrupted by a Segmentation Fault.

Output Data:
There was no output

Error Logs:
There was no error message

When Terminology is started from console, a bunch of errors is printed on both X11 and Wayland. Examples here:

On X11:

On Wayland:

OS is Arch Linux x86-64. Terminology version is 1.3.2. Terminology package version is 1.3.2-1. Enlightenment main package version is 0.22.4-1.

jome1 created this task.Dec 30 2018, 3:31 AM

I'm not running E, but I am running the same packages on arch. I couldn't reproduce your issue.

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