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Gesture Manager modified to be available. And add gestures
Open, TODOPublic


The currently implemented gesture manager is abstractly structured.

In order to be usable, the following operations are required.

  1. Includes binding builds.
  1. Register to gesture layer config value manager.
  1. Provides a way for a user to get a gesture manager, recognizer instance.
  1. Supports different recognizer properties for each target(Eo).
  1. Add the following gestures.

    efl_canvas_gesture_tap efl_canvas_gesture_double_tap efl_canvas_gesture_triple_tap efl_canvas_gesture_long_tap efl_canvas_gesture_momentum efl_canvas_gesture_zoom efl_canvas_gesture_flick
  1. Gesture, Touch Class Life-cycle re-implementation. for supporting multiple touches.
  1. Multi - touch support (two finger or more.)
  1. Test case added.
  1. Sync config value changed by API.
CHAN created this task.Thu, Jan 3, 10:26 PM
CHAN triaged this task as TODO priority.
  1. Includes binding builds.
CHAN updated the task description. (Show Details)Thu, Jan 3, 10:27 PM
CHAN added a comment.EditedFri, Jan 4, 12:04 AM
  1. Register to gesture layer config value manager.

I suggest you create subtasks for each of these points and then attach the the diffs (D7249, D7540) to the subtasks. In this way, it will be far easier to track the completion of this task.

CHAN updated the task description. (Show Details)Mon, Jan 7, 3:18 AM

@segfaultxavi Thanks, i will do that.