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Error messages when terminology starts
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When starting terminology (I'm on commit fa8ae6dc511d4f46a886aae066be27a1af05c0ad), I observe the following in the stderr of the shell that started terminology:

CRI<4410>:eina_log ../src/bin/win.c:1763 win_new() unknown log domain -1, original message level was: WRN
ERR<4410>:termpty ../src/bin/termpty.c:233 _fd_read_do() error while reading from tty slave fd
ERR<4410>:eina_safety ../src/lib/evas/canvas/evas_callbacks.c:540 evas_object_event_callback_del_full() safety check failed: obj == NULL
jayji created this task.Jan 6 2019, 4:59 AM

Could you please tell me whether it's better since b37a3eefb6f951ddef5f22f74a492555b3198855 ?

Only the first one have been fixed, not the last 2 ones.