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| |mixin Efl.Access.Object
| |├ (P) localized_role_name @beta
| |├ (P) i18n_name @beta
| |├ (P) role @beta
| |├ (P) access_children @beta
| |├ (P) role_name @beta
| |├ (P) attributes @beta
| |├ (P) reading_info_type :: set@protected
| |├ (P) index_in_parent @beta
| |├ (P) description @beta
| |├ (P) state_set @beta
| |├ (P) translation_domain @beta
| |├ (P) access_type @beta
| |├ (P) access_root @beta
| |├ (M) relations_get :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) attribute_append
| |├ (M) attributes_clear
| |├ (M) event_handler_add :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) event_handler_del :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) event_emit :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) relationship_append @beta
| |├ (M) relationship_remove @beta
| |├ (M) relationships_clear @beta
| |├ (E) property,changed
| |├ (E) children,changed
| |├ (E) state,changed
| |├ (E) bounds,changed
| |├ (E) visible,data,changed
| |├ (E) active,descendant,changed
| |├ (E) added
| |├ (E) removed

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zmike created this task.Jan 8 2019, 11:37 AM
zmike triaged this task as TODO priority.
zmike updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 9 2019, 6:04 AM


I think there is no problem on your original plan in T7653 (refactoring Efl.Access.Object to be a regular class) based on C# perspective.

I think if the refactoring works fine on C, then it would be fine on C# as well in this case.

BTW, are you going to separate the static methods (e.g. event_handler_add, event_handler_del, event_emit, access_root) from Efl.Access.Object class?

The access_root was already removed. The remaining methods are still static methods inside Efl.Access.Object. I wasn't planning to separate them, since the static methods in regular class are perfectly ok with all languages.
However If You insist I can move it to some Efl.Access.Event_Manager class as we previously discussed.

The process is taking much more time that i thought, however the ongoing work can be viewed at:


Thank you for sharing your idea :)
I do not insist to separate those static methods from Efl.Access.Object.
I want to know your opinion.

Then are you going to do refactoring access events?
(e.g. remove Efl.Access.Window and move events in Efl.Access.Window to Efl.Access.Object or move them to Efl.Access.Event?)