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| |mixin Efl.Access.Object
| |├ (P) localized_role_name @beta
| |├ (P) i18n_name @beta
| |├ (P) role @beta
| |├ (P) access_children @beta
| |├ (P) role_name @beta
| |├ (P) attributes @beta
| |├ (P) reading_info_type :: set@protected
| |├ (P) index_in_parent @beta
| |├ (P) description @beta
| |├ (P) state_set @beta
| |├ (P) translation_domain @beta
| |├ (P) access_type @beta
| |├ (P) access_root @beta
| |├ (M) relations_get :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) attribute_append
| |├ (M) attributes_clear
| |├ (M) event_handler_add :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) event_handler_del :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) event_emit :: @protected @beta
| |├ (M) relationship_append @beta
| |├ (M) relationship_remove @beta
| |├ (M) relationships_clear @beta
| |├ (E) property,changed
| |├ (E) children,changed
| |├ (E) state,changed
| |├ (E) bounds,changed
| |├ (E) visible,data,changed
| |├ (E) active,descendant,changed
| |├ (E) added
| |├ (E) removed
zmike created this task.Jan 8 2019, 11:37 AM
zmike triaged this task as TODO priority.
zmike updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 9 2019, 6:04 AM


I think there is no problem on your original plan in T7653 (refactoring Efl.Access.Object to be a regular class) based on C# perspective.

I think if the refactoring works fine on C, then it would be fine on C# as well in this case.

BTW, are you going to separate the static methods (e.g. event_handler_add, event_handler_del, event_emit, access_root) from Efl.Access.Object class?

The access_root was already removed. The remaining methods are still static methods inside Efl.Access.Object. I wasn't planning to separate them, since the static methods in regular class are perfectly ok with all languages.
However If You insist I can move it to some Efl.Access.Event_Manager class as we previously discussed.

The process is taking much more time that i thought, however the ongoing work can be viewed at:


Thank you for sharing your idea :)
I do not insist to separate those static methods from Efl.Access.Object.
I want to know your opinion.

Then are you going to do refactoring access events?
(e.g. remove Efl.Access.Window and move events in Efl.Access.Window to Efl.Access.Object or move them to Efl.Access.Event?)

zmike moved this task from Backlog to needs experts on the efl: api board.Wed, Jun 12, 7:35 AM