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|interface Efl.Content
|├ (P) content
|├ (M) content_unset

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zmike created this task.Jan 8 2019, 11:53 AM
zmike triaged this task as TODO priority.
segfaultxavi moved this task from Backlog to Evaluating on the efl: api board.Tue, Feb 5, 4:06 AM

Simple, nice and symmetrical. Unlike its sibling Efl.Container (evaluated in T7576), I see no problem with this API.

Maybe, just for completeness' sake, we could add content,added and content,removed events, just like Efl.Container has, even though I understand nobody will use them right now.

zmike moved this task from Evaluating to "easy" on the efl: api board.Wed, Feb 6, 5:37 AM

As @zmike pointed out on IRC, we cannot use the same event names as Efl.Container as they might conflict, so I suggest content,set and content,unset instead.

With that patch, this interface looks fine to me.

zmike moved this task from "easy" to needs patch on the efl: api board.Mon, Feb 11, 10:47 AM
zmike moved this task from needs patch to Stabilized on the efl: api board.Fri, Feb 15, 6:43 AM