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|interface Efl.Config
|├ (P) config
zmike created this task.Jan 8 2019, 11:54 AM
zmike triaged this task as TODO priority.

There's still ongoing discussion in T7383 regarding how to comfortably set a generic config value given that its type is only known from the documentation. It is currently not enforced at compile-time, nor can it be shown by IntellySense.
Therefore this API is not yet stable.


Please look into this task with T7383.
I cannot trace the discussion results so far.


I don't know well about the original purpose of T7383 but the related tasks are mainly about how to support config set easily in EFL#.

e.g. How to show config API's parameter easily by using Intellisense.

However, for now, nothing has been decided and it is not on going because it is possible to set config without modification. (by using string)

@zmike @segfaultxavi @bu5hm4n

Do you think it would be better to put this task in the pending list ?
As @Jaehyun_Cho said, there is a way to set a config value with string now.
So, this looks not such an essential one which should be included in 1.23 release.

I've been considering this, but I don't think that the current key/value API is very "good" as an overall API; it's possible that an abstraction on top of whatever API we use could do something like this, but I think that for the base API we would want something different.

Given that this was only raised a couple weeks before the release, and it is a large item, I'm not sure how we can (or could have) reasonably put this into 1.23.