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Modify meson project to find and use dotnet csc correctly
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dotnet core uses 'dotnet' to load an run applications (the same way that mono uses 'mono'), however, it uses the same thing for its own compiler, which is a DLL in sdk/{sdk-version}/Roslyn/bincore

Since it is not in the PATH, there should be a way to find the compiler by meson and a way to decide which compiler to use when both (mono and dotnet) are found.

This bug is actually in meson, but impacts EFL.

There is a couple of working meson patches in It needs to be polished (aka better tested) before updating the pull request but it allows one to select dotnet (when D8069 lands) by setting CSC=dotnet when invoking meson (Alternatively, probably using a host description file should work too).

Have you sent this through CI for meson ? it is very good and catches a lot of toubles.