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Support Efl.Ui.Item_Factory Binding Features and static Efl.Part in mono
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To support MVVM features,
we need easy way of set the data to the factory created object from the model.
Here we need few bindings,

bind the data to the existing text part
bind the data to the message signal emit
bind the data to the path of given factory

and we need to support easy way to get the Efl.Part info in C# lang,
by giving static part class which user can directly refered in the library.

SanghyeonLee triaged this task as High priority.

I now find Binding and Bind confusing, because I am not sure we are talking about the C# point of view or about the eo API. I think this task is a duplicate of efl_part discussion. If it is not, could you elaborate?

SanghyeonLee added a comment.EditedJan 15 2019, 2:11 AM

yes it is duplication but I want to make an implementing task because efl_part discussion is little bit ambiguous about what we need to do.
this is talking about supporting overall bind feature in factory including eo and c#,
cause I think there are more extra helper necessary in c# level to using Efl.Part in bind functions.

if you want,
I remove this task and make efl.part task as subtask of efl.ui.item_factory task.