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Key bindings which include Shift do not work properly
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I'm having a problem with Terminology 1.3.2 running on Arch with i3 from a Thinkpad X1 (2017).
Key bindings including Shift such as C-S-v and S-<Insert> do not behave as they should. Note that I'm using the default key bindings.

The most blatant problem is shown with S-<Insert>. Normally, that would paste the content of primary at point, but instead, it just inserts the value of <Insert>, i.e. [2~. Note that pressing <Insert> on its own does the same thing.

With C-S-v, the content of clipboard is properly pasted at point, but it also works when I'm just pressing C-v.

With <Tab>, I am unable to produce S-<Tab>. I've browsed the history of the project, and apparently, <ISO_Left-Tab> was made to be synonymous with <Tab> in 8778e1d987f3. However, on my keyboard, checking with xev, pressing S-<Tab> produces <ISO_Left-Tab>.

This seems to be due to a problem with my layout. I've tried reverting to the default us layout with xkb, but it didn't fix the problem, which leads me to think that this is something beyond my control.

I'd appreciate if you could investigate the problem. I've tried digging through the files myself, but I don't have the skills to fix it on my own.

I've made a screencast to show you the problem:

Thank you.


Zaeph created this task.Jan 15 2019, 3:01 AM
Zaeph updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 15 2019, 3:13 AM

I'm very busy this week and won't be able to look into it :(
In the keys settings panel, can you add keybindings with Shift?

Zaeph added a comment.EditedJan 15 2019, 2:50 PM


I've just tried it. Went into the settings, remove the key binding for 'Paste Clipboard buffer', and tried to set it again.
As you probably expected, pressing C-S-v only registered it as C-v, but when I tried to set it again, pressing Shift caused Terminology to crash.

Here's a screencast showing the problem:

Also, here's the log of the output which was printed in the terminal which spawned Terminology:


Is it the same when you press right shift or left shift?
What do you see in xev when pressing either of the shifts?

@bu5hm4n There seems to be focus issues in terminology-log.txt. Could you please look into it?


xev prints normal Shift-L and Shift_R behaviours. Here's the video:

(Don't mind the CapsLock at the end, that's just an XKB options. I tried without it, and it's the same.)


Have you tried with Terminology 1.5.0?


I've just tried with 1.5.0, and I can confirm that the problem is still present.