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Wayland window loses focus when returning from fullscreen mode
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Running in Wayland mode, when I use either Firefox or Chromium to view a youtube video in fullscreen mode, when I return from fullscreen ( ie hit the ESC key ), the window loses focus. Mouse and keyboard events don't go to the window. Clicking inside the window results in clicks going to the desktop ( a desktop menu appears ). I can still drag the window around using the title bar. One way to restore proper behaviour is to resize the window, by click-dragging on the window border.

qubitz added a subscriber: qubitz.May 31 2020, 9:07 AM

I'm also running into this using enlightenment-git on arch in Wayland.

Thank you for the report. I will investigate... Can you provide your relevant mouse & focus settings from E please ? Is it always just YuTube in fullscreen ? Rage ?

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So ... interestingly ... I now can't reproduce this. Here are my settings as asked anyway:

Focus policy: Sloppy
New Window Focus: Only dialogs with focused parent
Autoraise: disabled
Raise Window: Raise when starting to move or resize ( enabled )

Misc focus settings enabled:

  • always pass click events to programs
  • refocus last window on desktop switch
  • focus last focused window on lost focus

I've had things like this basically forever. I've been trying to reproduce the issue with Firefox & Chrome, for the past 10 minutes, and I can't. The only thing that's changed recently is I abandoned building E myself and when with the AUR git build on Arch, and I doubt whether that would have fixed it. I assume it was fixed in the general course of things, and I didn't notice ( I don't run under wayland regularly ).

Having said that, in my experimenting ( with rage ) I've found something else ... when I run rage and flip back+forth between normal and fullscreen mode ... and then return to Firefox ... I can't focus it. The only thing that seems to work is dragging it to another desktop ... then it receives the focus normally. I'm not sure if this is related or not. With this particular bug, mouse clicks do not go to the desktop ( they don't go anywhere I can tell ).