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Several problems with Efl.Ui.Tags
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Execute elementary_test -to Efl.Ui.Tags:

  • The entry field to add new tags is completely invisible. There is no way to know you have to click at the end of the tag list to add new tags.
  • When the mode is changed to collapsed, the entry field disappears so no new tags can be added. Is that intended?
  • When the mode is changed back to expanded, the entry field is still gone and will never come back.
  • When clicking on a button (tag) it gets highlighted. Why?
  • After highlighting a button, if you move with the keyboard you get two focus highlights!
  • Why are the tags buttons? If nothing happens when you click on them, at least they should be disabled.
segfaultxavi triaged this task as Normal priority.
CHAN added a comment.Apr 10 2019, 11:45 PM

Thanks for reporting.

I missed this report. i will work on it.

zmike added a subscriber: zmike.Aug 1 2019, 10:33 AM

Also for some reason it creates more tags if the entry loses focus