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setting wallpaper for lock screen is broken using non edj files
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i tried to set a lock screen wallpaper using a image (not edj) file.
under settings->lock screen->wallpaper i wanted to set the normal wallpaper to lock screen wallpaper using the "current wallpaper" (current wallpaper is a image file)
But, nothing happens.
I tried choosing it manual with "custom wallpaper" same - nothing happens.
After playing around i recognized, that edj files works well.

I'm on latest e git and default theme, same happens with flat theme.

Greetings Simon

raster added a subscriber: raster.Feb 2 2019, 2:39 AM

pointing me to this leads me to "argh there is broken stuff here". just the way that the bg is placed in the canvas, how it decides to do multiple screen wallpapers etc. - i think i need to redo a lot of this code... but i've fixed this immediate issue

thanks raster