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Declare efl_types.eot stable
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In order to be able to remove the unconditional definition of EFL_BETA_API_SUPPORT from Efl_Ui.h and Efl_Core.h, we still need Efl_Version, defined in efl_types.eot.

This file defines Efl.Version, Efl.Time and Efl.Observable_Tuple. If all of them are stable, be can consider efl_types.eot stable.

segfaultxavi triaged this task as Normal priority.

In which case we should put Efl.Observer and Efl.Observable on the stabilization path. I think they are fine, but require to be looked at anyway.

Nobody seems to be currently using neither Efl.Observable nor Efl.Observable_Tuple.
Anyway, Efl.Observable_Tuple can be marked @beta individually, or taken out of efl_types.eot (why is it there?).

It is used internally in Edje, but I don't think it is exposed by Edje API. It is useful, the way Edje use it, but if we do not have user out of it at this point, we can indeed keep it in @beta and maybe move the type to efl_observable.eo.

Moving the type to efl_observable.eo makes sense.

segfaultxavi moved this task from Backlog to Stabilized on the efl: api board.Feb 14 2019, 12:31 PM