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External screen configuration not restaured between plug/unplug
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I have an external monitor for work and so I plug my laptop to it each morning.
With a clean xrandr config (ie, no .e/e/config/standard/e_randr*.cfg), when I plug the external monitor it is correctly started as a secondary screen.
But my screen is on left of my laptop, and when it is plugged I use it as a main screen ; but if I do a presentation on a projector, I don't want to have my main screen go on it, so I use to have:

  • external screen "left of" laptop screen ;
  • priority of external screen = 100 ; priority of laptot screen = 50.
  • unknown other screen get by default a priority of 0.

So that used to do exactly what I want. Something change recently (a couple of weeks ?) and then, plug-in external monitor led to "monitor start, screen config change (as expected), monitor stop, screen config revert". I thought the problem was due to some change in intel video driver/systemd/udev/X, but now I doubt it because now the behavior is:

  • I unplug external screen, log out, delete everything in .e/e/config/standard/e_randr*.cfg, log in (base state),
  • plug external monitor => second screen enable (as non main) on right of laptop;
  • if I go to screen, change position to "left of" laptop (without touching the priority) the external monitor becomes the main one (is windows/bar etc switch to it) and it is on left of laptop ;
  • if I unplug the monitor, laptop monitor revert to main (get windows/bar/etc), but there's still a phantom screen on right (ie: I can move my mouse off of the left screen edge),
  • if I restart e (ctrl+alt+end), the phantom space on left disapear,
  • if I plug again the external monitor, it is started and configured as a secondary monitor on the left of laptop.

So, that seems fishy. But this is even more:

  • if I now change priority of external monitor to 100, laptop monitor to 50, I get the expected configuration,
  • if I unplug the external monitor, laptop screen get the correct configuration,
  • if I replug the external monitor => monitor start, screen config change, monitor stop, screen config reverted (and ie only the laptop screen is started, and in screen config all parameters for external monitor are forgoten - but not like for an unknow monitor: screen is "off").

I have efl 1.21.1 / enlightenment 0.22.4.
I have errors in .xsession-errors (but for now, I use a precompiled e version, so no debug symbol - and I'm not sure they happen when the screen blink)

Do you have enought information to reproduce the problem ? If no, what would be the next step to help debug?

fanf42 created this task.Feb 22 2019, 9:24 AM