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Multiple monitor setup not working with E22
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I'm using Enlightenment 0.22.4. I have a laptop with an Optimus setup with Intel and Nvidia cards. I have three external monitors connected to my laptop. When I enlightenment_start from console, my external monitors remain blank. When I go into Enlightenment settings under screen setup I only see my laptop's built-in monitor. I'm using the latest Nouveau drivers.

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I'll have to assume you are using linux.

this very much sounds like you are using wayland and not X11. the X-Server is a very old display protocol and wayland is supposed to replace it. however while this replacement is under way, some things will just not be ready right away. you will have to use X11 for multiple outputs with Enlightenment for now.

you can check if you are using X11 or wayland in a terminal with the command


which should print out something like


you may read about wayland and X11 further on the arch wiki and on
our guide (which is more technical).