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efl-mono: Property wrapper docs are not properly indented
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Autogenerated documentation for the class property wrappers has indentation problems.
Example from efl_ui_button.eo.cs:

    /// <summary>Turn on/off the autorepeat event generated when the button is kept pressed
/// When off, no autorepeat is performed and buttons emit a normal <c>clicked</c> signal when they are clicked.
/// When on, keeping a button pressed will continuously emit a <c>repeated</c> signal until the button is released. The time it takes until it starts emitting the signal is given by <see cref="Efl.Ui.IAutorepeat.SetAutorepeatInitialTimeout"/>, and the time between each new emission by <see cref="Efl.Ui.IAutorepeat.SetAutorepeatGapTimeout"/>.</summary>
/// <value>A bool to turn on/off the event</value>
    public bool AutorepeatEnabled {
        get { return GetAutorepeatEnabled(); }
        set { SetAutorepeatEnabled( value); }

I tried to debug this for a bit but got lost in C++.