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Documentation of undefined group
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Doxygen uses keyword @ingroup to locate each document to its group.

And @ingroup is automatically generated by eolian.

We have some @ingroup keywords which are not defined. (i.e. @ingroup exists but @defgroup not exists)
And it causes that the comments with these @ingroup not documented since the group is not defined by @defgroup.

For now we have Efl_Canvas_Object.

After playing a bit with grep I found:

  • 974 unique ingroups
  • 484 unique defgroups
  • 501 ingroups without matching defgroup (Full list here P284)

Of the ~500 missing defgroups, there are ~360 starting with Efl (which means that they are Unified API) and ~140 legacy degfroups.
Therefore, I also think there is something wrong in our Doxygen docs.