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|interface Efl.Ui.Direction @beta
|├ (P) direction
bu5hm4n created this task.May 3 2019, 11:17 AM
bu5hm4n triaged this task as TODO priority.

I think Efl.Ui.Direction is not a good name for an interface, it should be an adjective.
Therefore I propose to rename it to Efl.Ui.Directed and submit patch D8898.

segfaultxavi moved this task from Backlog to Evaluating on the efl: api board.May 15 2019, 4:26 AM

After LOTS of brainstorming, we came up with Efl.Ui.Layout_Orientable and Efl.Ui.Layout_Orientation, which will only contain Horizontal and Vertical values.

zmike added a comment.Wed, Jun 12, 9:40 AM

This is done?

zmike moved this task from Evaluating to Stabilized on the efl: api board.Thu, Jun 13, 6:17 AM