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| |interface Efl.Pack_Table @beta
|├ (P) table_position
|├ (P) table_size
|├ (P) table_columns
|├ (P) table_rows
|├ (M) pack_table
|├ (M) table_contents_get
|├ (M) table_content_get

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bu5hm4n created this task.May 3 2019, 12:02 PM
bu5hm4n triaged this task as TODO priority.
bu5hm4n added a subtask: T7861: efl.pack.
bu5hm4n moved this task from Backlog to trivial on the efl: api board.May 6 2019, 10:16 AM
zmike added a comment.Fri, May 31, 6:14 AM

Didn't table_direction get removed?

segfaultxavi updated the task description. (Show Details)Fri, May 31, 6:32 AM

Yeah, I didn't update this description. Done now.

zmike added a comment.Wed, Jun 12, 5:55 AM

What about renaming table_size to something more like table_geometry? When I see size, I immediately think canvas/pixel size, which is not quite right.

geometry reminds me of rectangles, squares or circles...
table_size is redundant anyway, since it has the same info as table_columns and table_rows. Maybe we can just remove it...

zmike added a comment.Fri, Jun 14, 6:59 AM

This is a good point. Let's cut it.

When you say "Let us cut it"... who exactly is us? 😁

zmike added a comment.Fri, Jun 14, 9:04 AM

Future me.