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"conflicting paths" error messages of eolian (on Windows)
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i have just cloned the repo. I use the autotools on Windows for now. I have these error messages from eolian (for all .eo files, it seems, i give the first one) :

eolian: conflicting paths for 'docs.eo': 'E:/Documents/programmes_x64/msys2/home/vtorri/gitroot_64/efl3/src/tests/eolian/data/docs.eo' -> 'E:/Documents/programmes_x64/msys2/home/vtorri/gitroot_64/efl3/src/tests/eolian_cxx/docs.eo'

this eolian message has been introduced in db57523e7846a6729f0ca0681e7e998b537e5b81 so i think that the regression is in this commit